About Us

I’m self-employed as a marketing consultant. I help local business owners generate more business through online marketing. My wife was a NICU nurse and worked as a nurse for many years until we had were expecting our second baby. Working 12 hour shifts while helping to take care of a growing family was difficult and we felt like she should stay home to be with our children. She misses being a NICU nurse and I bet she will go back into that field later on in life. For the time being we are raising our soon to be three children!.

We moved to Florida in 2014 to be near family and so my wife lost her health insurance from her previous employer in July 2014. Since I’ve been self-employed our only other option for healthcare coverage was ObamaCare and spending $700/month with a growing deductible was out of the question! As of 2017 our deductible would have been $12,500

We love to travel the world and have been to Ireland, Israel, Uganda Africa (where we met), Singapore, India, Egypt (best honeymoon ever!) and a few other places we visited while on a cruise out of Tampa Florida.

I grew up in Washington State, while my wife grew up in New York. After meeting in Uganda Africa in 2009 we began talking long distance. She lived in Alaska and worked for a hospital in Anchorage, while I was self employed and living in Maple Valley, WA.

Our first born son came into this world in April 2014. One of the things I wish Christian Healthcare Ministries would cover is Speech Therapy. Our son was diagnosed with Speech Apraxia and so we pay for speech therapy out of pocket 2 times per week. He was able to get into VPK at our local school where he receives free speech therapy twice per week. Children who are diagnosed with speech apraxia are better off with receiving multiple therapy sessions per week so we keep him in the paid services.

One of the great things about Medi-Share is that they actually cover the first 12-16* speech therapy sessions, if only Christian Healthcare Ministries would do that they would be the perfect option!