Health Share Ministries

I am in the process of updating this page, more content will be added over time.

Currently there are 4 main Christian Health Sharing ministries that you can choose from. Be sure you research each option as other “groups” have popped up who don’t seem to have a very professional website. I probably wouldn’t trust these other ‘organizations’ until they have some history behind them.

Over time more options will be available as this is a growing industry due to the impact of ObamaCare. There are other options available other than what is listed here, but those options are either newer ministries or are ministries with much higher prices/cost than the ministries listed below.

Each of these ministries have their own unique way of handling the health sharing. They range in price from $45 per month up to $450+ per month depending on if you are single, or have a family with kids. Some allow for you to choose a plan based on the level of services you want. For instance, with Christian Health Ministries you can choose their basic ‘Bronze’ level package and pay just $45 per month, but if you ever get sick or break a bone, you will have to pay for the first $5,000 in medical cost. This option might work well for a younger, healthy individual who maybe doesn’t ever use health insurance and doesn’t mind the high ‘deductible cost’.

You will want to check out each of the ministries ‘eligible’ health sharing procedures. I believe none of them will share the cost of checkups or preventative care. Some offer different options for those who need maternity care (which is the biggest reason why we chose to go with Christian Healthcare Ministries), and each will offer a different amount they will pay for the pregnancy.

If you are planning on having children in the near future, be sure you have joined one of this ministries as you will need to be a member before getting pregnant, otherwise its classified as a ‘pre-existing’ condition and won’t be eligible for sharing.

Christian Healthcare Ministries requires you to be a member for no less than 300 days before your due date in order for your bills to be eligible for sharing, which means you need to be a member for at least 1 month before getting pregnant.

Other ministries such as Samaritan Ministries has a $5,000 limit on pregnancies on their “Basic” program and a limit of $250,000 on their “Classic” program.



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