FAQ’s About Christian Health Sharing

What Is A Christian Health Share Ministry?

There are currently 4 main Christian Health Share ministries available for you to sign up with. Each ministry has its own set of rules, cost and ways that they operate. By joining the ministry you are allowed to submit ‘eligible’ medical cost to be shared within the ministry. These ministries can be an alternative to traditional health insurance, but give no guarantees of service.

You pay into the ministry each month and the money you send in will go towards another members medical bills. Some ministries such as Christian Healthcare Ministries boast of over 100,000 members who all share the medical bills of other members.

Each ministry is a non-profit and some, like CHM spend less than 6.6% of its annual budget on administration/advertising cost, meaning the rest of the money is paid towards the needs of its members.

Is Christian Health Sharing The Same As Health Insurance?

If you join a Christian Health Share ministry, you will not have insurance. These ministries are not traditional health insurance as you are not guaranteed to be covered when going to a doctor or medical clinic.

What If I Have Medicaid/Medicare?

Most of the Christian HealthShare Ministries will not allow you to join if you have access to medicaid/medicare. You will want to read their Term of Service before trying to sign up.

What If I Have Traditional Insurance Now, But Its Too Much Of A Burden?

If you currently have health insurance, you will need to wait until the following year when your insurance plans are set to renew. You can opt-out or drop your insurance or if you currently have ObamaCare, you can drop coverage during that period of time*. Once you have dropped your traditional insurance, you can sign up for a Christian Health Share plan.

Many people, including my wife and I have no other access to traditional health insurance unless if we buy it on HealthCare.gov. Our monthly premium would be $683 with a deductible of $7,000. This is too much of a burden on our family, which is why we chose to sign up with Christian Healthcare Ministries.


You will want to consult your own health care provider or place of work, where you currently have obtained health insurance to see what their policy is regarding you dropping your coverage.

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